Koen Vanmechelen and Innocenti: 1750 T-shirts sold!

As we announced earlier, Koen Vanmechelen provided this year’s campaign image for Innocenti’s New Year’s Meals-project. The work Calling the World – CCP was also used to create a limited edition T-shirt, the entire proceedings of which go to Innocenti to help them battle fourth-world hunger. These T-shirts were an enormous succes: in the past weeks, we have already sold no less than 1750!

The T-shirts will only be available for a few more days. By the end of the week, they will be gone forever – so if you’d like to get one, don’t hesitate. You can purchase one for €14.99 here.

More information about the projects and campaigns of Innocenti can be found on their website.

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Belgian Brands @ A Suivre

At A Suivre, we’re big fans of Belgian design.

Of course, that’s not really a revolutionary statement in fashion-land. The big Belgian designers are world class, loved by fashionista’s, editors and celebrities all over the globe. Every fashion connoisseur has heard of the Antwerp Six, and we’ve got not one, but two renowned fashion academies in our pint-sized country! Whether it’s in the water, the chocolate or the outstanding fries is as of yet undetermined, but creativity and an eye for la moda seem to be Belgian characteristics.

This is also apparent in the large number of small brands that you can find in la Belgique. Some have been around for years, others are just starting out, and we’re always on the lookout for new kids on the block! So today, we’d like to introduce you to our best and finest local darlings. Leaf through our gallery, check out all the fabulous names we have on offer, and start making your wish list…

  • Just in Case
  • Marie-Leonie Stock
  • Astrid Jane
  • March 23
  • Clio Goldbrenner
  • Anne Zellien
  • Aymara
  • Enes
  • Kate & Jules
  • Lolo Ballerina
  • Noémie Flamant
  • Sisters D.

Looking for a specific brand? Don’t forget to check out our Brands page for the complete list of designers to be found in our different stores!

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The story behind Les Petites

Les Petites is one of those brands that seems to own a little bottle of distilled perfect Parisian style and uses its miraculous effects on every single one of its pieces. In truth, their mastery of French finesse is courtesy of the brand’s founder and lead designer, Isabelle Bénichou.

Isabelle grew up as the youngest of seven children. Her nickname, “la petite dernière”, would inspire the name of her brand. With an aunt who was a seamstress, petite Isabelle was surrounded by fabrics and fashion from an early age. She developed a fascination with all kinds of tricot and knitwear: the warmth of softness of knit fabrics, the way they can  feel both simple and incredibly luxurious at the same time… However, she claims, she never thought of a career as a fashion designer until she found herself creating outfits for herself and her friends while studying economics at the Sorbonne. A few years later, Les Petites was born!

While studying in Paris, Isabelle fell in love with that typical understated elegance that the city of love is so famous for. So when she set out on her new adventure, the designer decided to create a brand that would channel both the femininity of the Parisienne and the edginess of garçonnes, such as her personal style icon Jean Seberg. Her love for knitwear is still intact as well: cable knit sweaters, cashmere and alpaca cardigans blend in seamlessly with crisp white shirts and gorgeous dresses. If you’re looking for something that never goes out of style, Les Petites is something for you.

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Larger-than-life bags

A new season, a new it-bag! It’s something of a law – or at least a regularly recurring phenomenon – that at least twice a year, a purse (or, let’s be honest, a few of them) shown on the catwalk conquers the fashion press’s hearts in a manner of minutes. A drawstring purse or a clutch, bejeweled or minimalist, big or small: the it-bags of seasons past were a pretty diverse bunch. This winter’s it-bags had one thing in common: they were big!

Now, big bags have a couple rather enormous (pun fully intended) benefits. For one, quite a few women we know have rather busy lives. The contents of their purses therefore tend to contain more than the obvious trio of wallet, cellphone and keys! If you’ve ever tried in vain to fit a water bottle, a packet of paper towels, a book or tablet, your lunch, lipstick, chapstick, and some other make-up essentials in a gorgeous, on-trend clutch, well, just know that you’re not alone. Let’s face it: very often, trends are gorgeous but a bit impractical. These beauties, on the other hand, will allow you to carry your entire life around with you.

Another plus of this spacious winter trend? There’s plenty of space for all those seasonal items! A scarf, a pair of gloves, an umbrella… just toss them in your purse. You never know when you’ll need them.

Big bags come in all kinds of shapes and colours this season. A deep black or cognac brown over-the-shoulder bag goes with everything in your wardrobe and is the perfect practical addition to your arsenal of purses. If you want to be completely on trend, get your oversized bag in one of this winter’s trend colours. Burgundy, ochre, racing green or navy blue: you’re sure to look smashing walking around with your new arm candy.

Make sure to check your nearest A Suivre store for a collection of fashionable, perfectly-on-trend bags. Our favourite brands for this trend? Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kate&Jules, and Belgian designer Clio Goldbrenner. Take a look at our favourite bags below and enjoy!

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A new addition to the family: A Suivre Bruges!

Today we have a very special announcement for all our readers: A Suivre is opening a fourth store in the beautiful city of Bruges! On November 29, our shops in Ghent, Kortrijk and Brussels are getting a brand new sibling.

What can you expect from our new store? Everything you know and love about A Suivre! Fantastic staff, a gorgeous interior where you’ll love to shop, and of course: all your favourite brands. Bérénice, Hoss Intropia, Joseph, Les Petites, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Not Shy, Paul & Joe, See By Chloé, and Sonia By Sonia Rykiel (and many others) have found a new home in Bruges…

The store is currently a work in process, as we’re building, painting and pruning to make sure that everything looks fabulous for our grand opening. The design is in very capable hands: IETS, Jan Hoet Jr. and Delphine Bekaert are all working together to make sure your shopping experiences will turn out to be unforgettable.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest news about A Suivre Bruges, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or take a look at our Instagram!

We hope you’re as excited as we are and would love to welcome you in our new store!

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Say hi to Anne Zellien!

Today we feature a Belgian jewellery design icon: meet Anne Zellien! As someone who is into fashion, it’s quite likely this is not exactly the first time you’ve heard of her; after all, she’s been designing her marvellous jewellery since she graduated in 1980. And of course, her star has been rising throughout all those years.

Anne picks a different theme or inspiration for every collection, but her pieces are always whimsical, elegant, and feminine. Her signature style grew out of her fascination with historical jewellery and, more specifically, a style known as Sentimental Jewellery that was en vogue in the 17th en 18th century. Jewellery, at that time, was supposed to have an emotional significance, which meant that it was heavily personalised. Engravings, tiny compartments with secret messages, miniature portraits and charms were added to symbolise the bond between two people: the one who gave and the one who received. Anne was intrigued by this practice and decided that it was time for a reintroduction. She started her own brand, under her own name, and has been creating her special kind of gorgeous, elegant glam ever since.

Her most famous pieces are those that include text in some form: the round or oval silver pendants and rings with inspiring quotes – Live, love, laugh and La vie me sourit are two of the most popular ones – engraved in them, in her elegant, curly handwriting. A little note to yourself, dangling from your necklace or bracelet or sitting on your hand: it’s not hard to see why the Messages collection became so popular! Here at A Suivre we absolutely adore them, which is why you’ll always find a hand-picked collection of them in our stores.

Anne’s latest collection was inspired by the idea of a cottage in the countryside, with a vegetable patch and a garden full of flowers. As you’d expect with such a theme, there are a lot of pastel colours, tiny flowers, petals and delicate branches to be found. Take a look at some of our favourites below… We’re sure you’ll go head over heels for them, too!

So if you’ve been looking for a subtle, romantic, understated piece of jewellery, make sure to check out the selection of Anne Zellien’s beautiful pieces at your nearest A Suivre store!

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Cashmere Trends

Explore the softest of winter staples with two of our favourite brands.

It’s a well-known fall and winter dilemma, isn’t it? You wake up and see that it’s cold and wet and grey outside – so very often you have to make a choice. Do you wear something that will be warm and comfortable, or do you dress to look fab and try to shiver elegantly throughout the day? And let’s be honest – most of us will choose that baggy-yet-cosy sweater. There is, however, an often forgotten lovely garment – or rather, fabric – that will keep you warm and elegant through the day. It’s soft, it’s fluffy, and it once belonged to a cute-looking goat… Yep, we’re talking about cashmere!

And let’s set something straight right away: a cashmere pullover will not make you look like someone’s granny. Or at least, our favourite pieces from Delicate Love and Not Shy won’t. The days of overly fluffy, gingham-patterned cashmere vests are officially in the past. Cashmere 2.0 est arrivée and it definitely deserves a place in your wardrobe.

Pair one of Delicate Love’s classic cashmere sweaters in your preferred colour with a chambray shirt and black skinnies for a modern, office-appropriate look. Or wear them with a cute tee and jeans or patterned trousers for a more laid-back style. If you’re looking for something with a little more edge, try Not Shy’s animal-print or lace cutout sweaters. The latter look terrific when worn with faux-leather leggings, but work equally well with a pencil skirt.

Will you be extra-huggable this winter?

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Neem een voorsprong op je kerstshopping dankzij De Vitrine!

Liefhebbers van jong Belgisch ontwerptalent denken misschien niet meteen aan Vlaanderens toeristische trekpleister Brugge als designstad. Nochtans is het de thuisstad van De Vitrine, dat op zaterdag 16 en zondag 17 november aan z’n 8ste editie toe is. Wij weten alvast waar we onze zondag zullen spenderen…

Voor de mensen die De Vitrine nog niet kennen, een korte introductie: In La Brugeoise, een prachtig, oud industrieel pand, wordt 2 keer per jaar een soort designmarkt annex beurs georganiseerd – zelf omschrijven ze het als een pop-up winkelcentrum – vol minishops van jonge designers, winkels, ateliers, en webwinkels. Unieke juwelen, kleren en accessoires van eenmansmerkjes, geweldige hebbedingen, decoratie- en interieurspullen om duimen en vingers bij af te likken … Zie je al waar die titel van ons op slaat? De Vitrine is de gedroomde plaats om aanearly bird Christmas shopping te doen, en je komt gegarandeerd terug met iets bijzonders. We like!

Naast shoppen kan je in De Vitrine ook genieten van een hapje, een drankje en een streepje muziek – onklopbare vintagevibes van DJ Swoolish – in de supergezellige bar. Ook voor de mini-me’s wordt er 1 en ander voorzien: zo is er een coole workshop in het kinderatelier Octopus en is er in de bar heel wat speelgoed voorzien. Oh, en je kan natuurlijk ook bijzonder speelgoed en kinderkleren kopen!

Dit keer staan er maar liefst 75 deelnemers op De Vitrine, waarvan er 19 brand new zijn! Belmodo selecteerde voor jou alvast 5 shops waar wij zeker eens gaan piepen.

1. Deense Kroon

© Deense Kroon.

Deze Nederlandse webwinkel verkoopt een zorgvuldig geselecteerde collectie Deense kleding, accessoires, juwelen en gebruiksvoorwerpen als deurknoppen en kussens. Wij zijn erg fan van de sjaals van Becksöndergaard en Bella Ballou en van de armbanden van Sence. De shop begon met alleen maar porseleinen sieraden, en die kan je dan ook nog steeds in het assortiment terugvinden.

La Ville

© La Ville.

Dit juwelenmerk is 100% made in Belgium en bestaat in feite uit de 2 zussen Sofie en Jolien La Ville. Zij ontwerpen samen een aantal halskettingen, armbanden en kraagjes uit gelaserd leer. Helemaal on trend en een wel erg hoge hebben!-factor.

Margo Slingerland

© Margo Slingerland.

Margo is een Nederlandse illustratrice die op haar webshop allerlei voorwerpen met haartekeningen verkoopt. Ook op De Vitrine zal je juwelen, paper goods en tote bags van haar hand kunnen vinden. Met haar sprookjesachtige, lieflijk met een hoek af-stijl in snoepjeskleuren heeft ze ons in elk geval al overtuigd.


© Angular.

Angular is een Belgisch merk van strakke, geometrische juwelen in plastic of (verguld) staal. Tijdloos en opvallend, maar niet in your faceCheck!

Lion of Leisure

©Lion of Leisure.

Volgens ons vind je de coolste spullen voor de kids bij dit Antwerps duo. Met de hand bedrukte T-shirts en knuffelkussens met gedetailleerde illustraties van dieren: als je je minime’s wat coolfactor wil meegeven, moet je bij Lion of Leisure zijn. En die tote bag in Bird of Badger vinden wij ook perfect geschikt voor volwassenen …

In andere woorden: op zaterdag 16 of zondag 17 november moet je in de Vaartdijkstraat zijn! Alle praktische info vind je op hun website en Facebookpagina.

Veel shopplezier!

Foto’s © De Vitrine i.s.m. Lola Lifelines.

Klik hier voor een overzicht van mijn artikelen voor Belmodo.tv.

De hoogtepunten van Belmodo 5 years: part 4!

D-Day komt met rasse schreden dichterbij en de chaos neemt toe. Het hoogtepunt van vandaag brengen we jullie vanuit de werfzone die Belmodo HQ op dit moment is. Het feest van het jaar is momenteel een work in very fast progress! Om in het thema te blijven: weinig bezigheden waar wij ons ooit al mee bezig hielden, bevatten zo’n hoge concentratie, gecontroleerde en productieve chaos als het maken van TV-programma’s. Daarom krijg je vandaag de enige echte terugblik op Tiany TV en In de mode.

Zoals sommigen onder jullie al weten, maar misschien vergeten zijn, maakten wij lang geleden,waaaaaay back in 2010, iets wat Tiany TV heette. Korte afleveringen over de geweldige wereld van de mode, alleen online te bekijken. Nu kijk je daar waarschijnlijk niet zo van op, maar toen waren we 1 van de eersten in België die zich daaraan waagden! Elke week babbelde Tiany met de coolste modemensen, snuisterde ze rond in de meest fashionable kleerkasten en bezocht ze de mooiste nieuwe adresjes. And we all had a blast!

Je kan alle afleveringen terugvinden op het YouTube Channel van Belmodo. Maar omdat we niet vies zijn van een beetje nostalgie: hier is de allereerste webisode van Tiany TV. Enjoy!

We maakten een volledig seizoen van 13 afleveringen van Tiany TV, maar daarna waren er andere zaken die onze aandacht opslorpten … De zin om tv te maken werd er echter niet minder van. Dus je kan je voorstellen dat we er als de kippen bij waren toen Vitaya vorig jaar liet weten dat ze wel een modeprogramma zouden willen. Dat werd In de mode, helemaal geproduceerd door Belmodo, met Tiany die weer vol goesting voor de camera stond. Elke woensdagavond zapten een hoop fashionista’s naar Vitaya om onze escapades in fashion world te volgen.

Aan alle mooie liedjes komt helaas een einde – een seizoenseinde, in dit geval. Hieronder kan je het filmpje met de leukste bloopers nog eens herbekijken. Als je de afleveringen gemist hebt, kan je de beste stukken nog bekijken op de website van In de mode.

En jawel, het begint al serieus terug te kriebelen… Stay tuned, want misschien zie je ons (welja, voornamelijk onze fashion queen Tiany) binnenkort weer voor de camera verschijnen!

Klik hier voor een overzicht van mijn artikelen voor Belmodo.tv.

Shoes Galore @ A Suivre!

Shopping for shoes? Be on trend with these awesome Belgian brands!

Buying shoes. For some people it’s the best retail therapy, for others it’s a constant struggle to find the perfect pair. So today we present to you: two very different brands with one thing in common: they’ll keep your feet trendy and happy, whether you’re a fan of French elegance or L.A. extravagance. What’s not to love?

Fall is here and the holiday season is slowly drawing nearer. This probably means that you’ll be on the lookout for two things: boots and some party-proof shoes. For your new favourite pair of boots, look no further than hot young brand March 23. Born and bred in Erpe-Mere, these lovely folks clearly have their heads somewhere in between Vegas, Milan and Saint-Tropez. Trigger warning: killer heels ahead! All of their designs breathe glamour, from the deluxe materials and embellishments down to the stiletto heels. Wear if you dare.

If you look to Parisiennes rather than Italian bella’s or L.A. babes for style inspiration, then you’ll love Lolo the Ballerina. Magali Giunta, the founder and lead designer of the brand, started out to create – what’s in a name – the perfect ballerina. And if you ask us, she succeeded. The Capri ballerina is gorgeous, timeless and super comfortable. Trust us: once you own one pair, you’ll be coming back for more. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Today, however, the collections of Lolo the Ballerina contain more than just ballerina’s. With style icons as diverse as Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung, the winter collection contains gold-flecked, pony hair, and metallic beauties. Looking for a pair of comfy and demure party shoes? Try the black-and-gold derby’s for a look that’s chic, fun and easygoing.

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