The Pied Chapel – CCP in the Old Church of Vichte (BE)

On invitation of Rotary Waregem, Koen Vanmechelen will use the desacralized old church in Vichte to exhibit a number of works of the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project.

The title of the expo, The Pied Chapel, refers to Vanmechelen’s desire to turn the common trope of art as a white chapel on its head. The artist’s works are like smears and splatters of paint covering the old church’s interior – a reference to Michelangelo and sacral art. They represent the many-hued variations and bio-cultural diversity that are central to Vanmechelen’s work. This emphasis on diversity can be seen both in the themes and subject matter of the artist’s projects and in the many different forms and mediums he uses to create his artworks. His art is always connected to the world, and it is just as diverse as our multi-coloured, multi-cultural society.

The Pied Chapel – CCP will be organised by Rotary Waregem; all proceedings will support The Future of Hope, an organisation that provides education and practical training for orphans in Zimbabwe and other countries in need.

The official opening of the exhibit, in presence of the artist, will take place on March 1. The Pied Chapel will be open for two weekends: Saturday and Sunday 8-9 and 15-16 March, from 14-18h.

“Oude Kerk” Vichte
8570 Vichte

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Lecture The Chicken’s Appeal, De Grote Post, Ostend (BE)

On March 20, Koen Vanmechelen will deliver a lecture on The Chicken’s Appeal in CC De Grote Post in Ostend. Elaborating on the core concepts of his work and, more specifically, his world-renowned Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, the artist will provide visitors with an insight in his ideologies and artistic process. The lecture is centered around biocultural diversity and will touch upon themes such as true cosmopolitanism, genetic manipulation, and his constant use of the chicken as a metaphor for the human condition.

This lecture will take place March 20 2014, 20.00 in CC De Grote Post, Ostend.

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Health – something of value, Brussels (BE)

Health – something of value is a group exhibit curated by Sven Vanderstichelen. It brings together the works of more than fifty modern and contemporary Belgian artists, gathered from the collections of the Belgian Senate, six banks, and the museum Dr. Guislain.

You will be able to Koen Vanmechelen’s work ‘Pyramid of Time/Pyramid of Brains’, from the collection of the University of Antwerp, alongside artists such as Paul Delvaux, Wim Delvoye and Ana Torfs, at the exhibit, which will take place in two impressive locations: the Senate itself and the big hall of the Belgian National Bank.

Practical information:

From 31/01/2014 to 15/03/2014, Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm.


The Senate
Entrance: Leuvenseweg 13, 1000 Brussel
Admissions only on request; contact Mr. Léon Tombal – 02 501 73 55

Big hall of the National Bank of Belgium
de Berlaimontlaan 3, 1000 Brussel
Admission free.

Further enquiries:

“Health: something of value”
For more info:

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BRAFA – Brussels Antiques and Art Fair, Tour & Taxis, Brussel (BE)

A selection of Koen Vanmechelen’s art will be featured at BRAFA, the Brussels Antiques and Art Fair.

BRAFA is one of the longest-running art fairs in the world – it’s been organised annually since 1955 – and hosts a unique blend of antiques and modern and contemporary art. Galerie Guy Pieters is one of the 130 hand-picked national and international participants this year and will showcase a number of Vanmechelen’s paintings, drawings, sculptures, and mixed-media works.

BRAFA will be held in the magnificent halls of Tour & Taxis, from January 25 to February 2.

For more information, the full list of participants, or tickets, please refer to the BRAFA homepage.

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La Génération Noble – CCP in the Castle of Chimay (BE)

From April to November, Koen Vanmechelen will showcase a number of his works in the Castle of Chimay. Different works belonging to the CCP will be showcased in its many splendid rooms.

Vanmechelen will also turn the Maison des Artistes, the castle’s annex, into the incubator of the 18th generation of the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project: the crossing of the 17th generation, the Mechelse Styrian, with the Austrian Sulmtaler. This new generation will be la génération noble, the noble generation, born in a prince’s castle. The artist’s decision to choose this prototypical Austrian chicken as the parent of the new generation of the CCP is no coincidence. The Princes of Chimay received their title from the Austrian Emperor Maximilian I in 1486, as a token of his gratitude for siding with him in the civil war. The hatching of the Sulmtaler hybrids in the castle, then, will be both the symbolical reintroduction of a part of its cultural heritage, and the birth of something completely new.

The ancient castle of Chimay has recently been restored by the current Prince and Countess of Chimay – the latest in a series of renovations, alterations and expansions that have altered the castle’s form in its 12 centuries of existence. The rich history and constant evolutions of the Castle and the many noble families that have inhabited form the perfect backdrop to Vanmechelen’s diversity-focused work.

More information and opening hours can be found on the castle’s website.

Koen Vanmechelen and Innocenti: 1750 T-shirts sold!

As we announced earlier, Koen Vanmechelen provided this year’s campaign image for Innocenti’s New Year’s Meals-project. The work Calling the World – CCP was also used to create a limited edition T-shirt, the entire proceedings of which go to Innocenti to help them battle fourth-world hunger. These T-shirts were an enormous succes: in the past weeks, we have already sold no less than 1750!

The T-shirts will only be available for a few more days. By the end of the week, they will be gone forever – so if you’d like to get one, don’t hesitate. You can purchase one for €14.99 here.

More information about the projects and campaigns of Innocenti can be found on their website.

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Innocenti and Koen Vanmechelen: “Generosity should become the word of the coming decade”

This year, Koen Vanmechelen collaborates with Innocenti on their annual campaign against poverty and hunger in Belgium. Calling the World – CCP, a work from the artist features as the central campaign image for this year’s projects. The skeletal rooster will not only be the main visual for the campaign, but will also grace T-shirts of which all proceedings will help Innocenti to battle hunger in Belgium.

Innocenti is a Belgian non-profit fighting whose goal is to obliterate hunger and poverty in first-world countries like Belgium. Every year, they organize a number of New Year’s Meals. Between December 28, 2013 and January 8, 2014 Innocenti will work together with a number of organization to provide a free meal for 4000 people in 15 locations in Flanders and Brussels, helping those who have to get by with less to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

Last year’s powerful campaign image was shot by renowned Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren. As Innocenti puts it, “just giving money is not going to be enough. We’re looking for people who are willing to donate their time, effort and passion, and we’ve often found that artists are willing to do just that.” With Koen Vanmechelens contribution to the campaign, they have again managed to obtain the support of “a friendly giant”.

The rooster is the perfect symbol to transmit this message, says Vanmechelen: “The cry of the rooster is a warning sign; it calls for mobilization and movement. The chicken as a species has had this warning and predicting role for its human cohabitants for centuries: they announce day and night, safety and peril.” And of course, the chicken has always helped to keep hunger and famine at bay on mankind’s longest journeys to the most desolate places. “The chicken helped cultures to grow closer and mix, and subsequently started to disappear from its pole position. Now that we have to combat hunger again, it is time to bring it back to the forefront. Time to take action, time to give back.”

If you’d like to help Innocenti with their fight against hunger, you can support them on Facebook: become an Innobassador by donating your profile picture, or like the Innocenti-charter. You can also buy the Koen Vanmechelen T-shirt or give 1 euro by texting “HONGER” to 4545.

More info on

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Koen Vanmechelen moves his Open University of Diversity from Hasselt to Genk

Vanmechelen builds global project in Genk

CC-Park in Zwartberg Zoo

GENK- In 2017 Koen Vanmechelen will open his intellectual animal park, the Cosmopolitan Culture Park, in the former zoo of Zwartberg. The ambitious project of OpUnDi Genk puts the city and the province of Limburg on the world map.

The Open University of Diversity is moving from Hasselt to Genk. The new headquarters for staff, atelier, animals and Koen Vanmechelen’s four international foundations (Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, CosmoGolem, Walking Egg and Combat-Gone West) is located on the former terrains of Zwartberg Zoo in Genk. In close cooperation with the city and with the province of Limburg, the artist is opening the Cosmopolitan Culture Park (CC-Park). “Artistically as well as architecturally and conceptually, this is completely unique” according to Koen Vanmechelen. “When the idea is bigger than the individual, the community decides where it lives.” OpUnDi University Hasselt and OpUnDi Detroit are in the works.

The location in multicultural Genk is ideal to translate the central theme of Vanmechelen’s versatile work, namely biocultural diversity, to a broader audience. “At the same time it will attract many thinkers on diversity – from scientists to artists and philosophers” says Vanmechelen. OpUnDi Genk and CC-Park will develop an artistic, educative and tourist programme. In this endeavour Vanmechelen has the support of prominent figures such as Jill Silverman van Coenegrachts (art consultant), Ignace Schops (expert biodiversity), Olivier Hanotte (molecular geneticist), Mario Botta (expert durable architecture), Piet Stinissen and Jean-Jacques Cassiman.

For the director’s mansion and the CC-Park, a semi-public park of more than five hectare, a public-private cooperation will be established. Koen Vanmechelen and the city of Genk will found the non-profit OpUnDi Genk for this purpose. “This is a global project that fits seamlessly with the DNA of our city,” says mayor Wim Dries. “It gives us an international platform in the discourse on diversity and multicultural society.” The city of Genk will allot a grant of 75.000 euro a year to the non-profit for the advancement of the discourse surrounding cosmopolitanism and its translation into the city. Wim Dries: “The city will also take on the cost of the ongoing restoration of the interior and exterior of the director’s mansion, including the remodelling of the park.”

Koen Vanmechelen himself will build an entirely new atelier at the site. Vanmechelen: “It is a hybrid atelier, the result of very diverging ideas of a few internationally renowned architects. Call it an accident de parcours.” The CC-Park will not be your typical zoo, but an intellectual animal park, the Cosmopolitan Culture Park. Koen Vanmechelen himself invests heavily in this animal park: “Aside from the animals that are part of my project, we will also house species that provoke us intellectually and urge us to act: endangered species and species who are eligible for dedomestication. ”

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Kick-off Arena de Evolución

On the 7th of December, Koen Vanmechelen hosts the official kick-off of his new Cuban project, Arena de Evolución. In the Cuban capital of Havana, Vanmechelen creates a two-fold in-situ installation: on the one hand an arena with Cubalayas (the national chickens of Cuba) and on the other a library in which knowledge can be archived but generated as well. To nurture this LOCK (Library of Collected Knowledge) the artist will launch a scientific program with four different arenas: diversity, immunity, fertility and ethics. Each arena is a hub in which scientists and thinkers from different fields, disciplines and nations come together to debate on a set of issues. The apotheosis will be a symposium during the 2015 Cuba biennial.

To officially launch this initiative, a symposium will be held at the Open University of Diversity, highlighting the core themes of the project. Each theme will be explored from both an artistic and a scientific viewpoint, thus encouraging cross-pollination between the two fields.

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STIMAC on Hybrid Marketing

Looking to support Belgian marketers with information about the latest and greatest techniques, Belgian marketing organization STIMA is hosting its yearly two-day conference STIMAC in Ghent on December 6-7. This year’s edition was aptly titled Hybrid Marketing: The Many Layers of the New Marketer. Enticing marketers to leave their traditional comfort zone, 18 professionals from very different fields will talk about their strategies and philosophies for successfully dealing with the challenges of an ever changing world – to embrace these changes and new technologies and use them to make people like, share and buy.

Koen Vanmechelen will give a lecture on the importance of cross-pollination and hybridity between different people and disciplines, a strategy he’s been applying for many years in his foundations and projects. The artist will elaborate on the importance of the concepts of crossbreeding and hybridity in his work. “Crossbreeding is essential. Crossbreeding is accepting ideas, accepting the other. Crossbreeding is to accept that we are hybrid. And the story of hybridity generates a library of collected knowledge”, says Vanmechelen. Knowledge that will, in turn, be of great interest to many marketers and professionals.

For more information and tickets, you can take a look at STIMAC’s website.

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