The Pied Chapel – CCP in the Old Church of Vichte (BE)

On invitation of Rotary Waregem, Koen Vanmechelen will use the desacralized old church in Vichte to exhibit a number of works of the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project.

The title of the expo, The Pied Chapel, refers to Vanmechelen’s desire to turn the common trope of art as a white chapel on its head. The artist’s works are like smears and splatters of paint covering the old church’s interior – a reference to Michelangelo and sacral art. They represent the many-hued variations and bio-cultural diversity that are central to Vanmechelen’s work. This emphasis on diversity can be seen both in the themes and subject matter of the artist’s projects and in the many different forms and mediums he uses to create his artworks. His art is always connected to the world, and it is just as diverse as our multi-coloured, multi-cultural society.

The Pied Chapel – CCP will be organised by Rotary Waregem; all proceedings will support The Future of Hope, an organisation that provides education and practical training for orphans in Zimbabwe and other countries in need.

The official opening of the exhibit, in presence of the artist, will take place on March 1. The Pied Chapel will be open for two weekends: Saturday and Sunday 8-9 and 15-16 March, from 14-18h.

“Oude Kerk” Vichte
8570 Vichte

Originally posted on Koen Vanmechelen’s website.


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