La Génération Noble – CCP in the Castle of Chimay (BE)

From April to November, Koen Vanmechelen will showcase a number of his works in the Castle of Chimay. Different works belonging to the CCP will be showcased in its many splendid rooms.

Vanmechelen will also turn the Maison des Artistes, the castle’s annex, into the incubator of the 18th generation of the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project: the crossing of the 17th generation, the Mechelse Styrian, with the Austrian Sulmtaler. This new generation will be la génération noble, the noble generation, born in a prince’s castle. The artist’s decision to choose this prototypical Austrian chicken as the parent of the new generation of the CCP is no coincidence. The Princes of Chimay received their title from the Austrian Emperor Maximilian I in 1486, as a token of his gratitude for siding with him in the civil war. The hatching of the Sulmtaler hybrids in the castle, then, will be both the symbolical reintroduction of a part of its cultural heritage, and the birth of something completely new.

The ancient castle of Chimay has recently been restored by the current Prince and Countess of Chimay – the latest in a series of renovations, alterations and expansions that have altered the castle’s form in its 12 centuries of existence. The rich history and constant evolutions of the Castle and the many noble families that have inhabited form the perfect backdrop to Vanmechelen’s diversity-focused work.

More information and opening hours can be found on the castle’s website.


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