Innocenti and Koen Vanmechelen: “Generosity should become the word of the coming decade”

This year, Koen Vanmechelen collaborates with Innocenti on their annual campaign against poverty and hunger in Belgium. Calling the World – CCP, a work from the artist features as the central campaign image for this year’s projects. The skeletal rooster will not only be the main visual for the campaign, but will also grace T-shirts of which all proceedings will help Innocenti to battle hunger in Belgium.

Innocenti is a Belgian non-profit fighting whose goal is to obliterate hunger and poverty in first-world countries like Belgium. Every year, they organize a number of New Year’s Meals. Between December 28, 2013 and January 8, 2014 Innocenti will work together with a number of organization to provide a free meal for 4000 people in 15 locations in Flanders and Brussels, helping those who have to get by with less to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

Last year’s powerful campaign image was shot by renowned Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren. As Innocenti puts it, “just giving money is not going to be enough. We’re looking for people who are willing to donate their time, effort and passion, and we’ve often found that artists are willing to do just that.” With Koen Vanmechelens contribution to the campaign, they have again managed to obtain the support of “a friendly giant”.

The rooster is the perfect symbol to transmit this message, says Vanmechelen: “The cry of the rooster is a warning sign; it calls for mobilization and movement. The chicken as a species has had this warning and predicting role for its human cohabitants for centuries: they announce day and night, safety and peril.” And of course, the chicken has always helped to keep hunger and famine at bay on mankind’s longest journeys to the most desolate places. “The chicken helped cultures to grow closer and mix, and subsequently started to disappear from its pole position. Now that we have to combat hunger again, it is time to bring it back to the forefront. Time to take action, time to give back.”

If you’d like to help Innocenti with their fight against hunger, you can support them on Facebook: become an Innobassador by donating your profile picture, or like the Innocenti-charter. You can also buy the Koen Vanmechelen T-shirt or give 1 euro by texting “HONGER” to 4545.

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Originally posted on Koen Vanmechelen’s website.


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